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use of traditional beech nut chew by new mom

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  • use of traditional beech nut chew by new mom

    We have a new mom whose country of origin is Palau, in the Pacific Islands. It is apparently a cultural tradition there to chew "beech nut" which is shredded and mixed in chewing tobacco. Aside from the tobacco issue, can you give me any info on this substance? This is NOT "Beechnut Chewing Tobacco" as sold in the U.S. Thanks!

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    Sorry, I was mis-informed. The substance here is betel-nut; I have found a fair amount of info but little specific to breastfeeding. Mom described mixing it into a paste ball with powdered limestone (lime) and wrapped in betel-leaves.


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      Dear Kay,

      Betel nut is not recommended for use during lactation as it is a central nervous system stimulant and has cholinergic effects. There has been a case report of neonatal withdrawal with a mother who was a chronic user of betel nut. Animal studies have shown decreased weight and early manifestation of metabolic syndrome. This information is from Natural Standard. Dr Hale rates herbal supplements L4.

      Cindy Pride, MSN, CPNP
      TTUHSC InfantRisk Center