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Galactogogues for mothers of preterm infants

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  • Galactogogues for mothers of preterm infants

    What Galactogogues are safe to reccomend for mothers of preterm infants who are having problems with low milk supply despite following reccomended pumping routines?

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    The first thing you need to know is what your prolactin levels are. Pump and take a blood sample at 2 hours. If your prolactin levels are low (say < 50 ng/mL), then metoclopramide or domperidone will enhance your milk production. I assume you've followed your lactation consultant's advice about more frequent pumping, etc.

    Metoclopramide can only be used about a month as it has a high tendency to produce depression, but it will work in hypoprolactinemia.

    Domperidone is not available in the US and you'd have to find another source outside the US to get this drug (Canada, Mexico, New Zealand). However, it is by far the best option if you do not have any kind of heart arrhythmias. It has fewer side effects and it works well in women with LOW prolactin levels. It is commonly used in all other parts of the world.

    As for herbs, I do not believe fenugreek works. Sorry, one really good study shows it's worthless.

    Other herbals are used but are of limited use in my opinion.

    Check your prolactin first. If high ( > 75 ng/mL), none of these will work. Work with your LC and see if she can help.

    Good Luck

    Tom Hale R.Ph., Ph.d.

    InfantRisk Center