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domperidone effect on thyroid function

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  • domperidone effect on thyroid function

    Is there any correlation with domperidone use and thyroid function? A mom I'm working with has been told domperidone can interfere with thyroid function by homeopthic MD.

    Barbara Latterner, BSN, RN, IBCLC

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    There is a lot of literature that suggests some interaction between the dopamine blocker domperidone and thyroid function. But you find many papers that suggest that domperidone does not really affect thyroxine levels itself. Some show a higher level of TSH release from the pituitary, but no overt hypothyroidism. So, I'd suggest its a mixed bag and while it is suggestive that TSH levels are increased, it may be due to the hyperprolactinemic state rather than domperidone. At this point, I'd suggest a simple free-T4 test to see if it affects her thyroid. Its probably a waste of time, but might be important for some borderline hypothyroid patients.

    Tom Hale Ph.d.