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dom and nifedipine and chronic hypertension

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  • sheiras
    started a topic dom and nifedipine and chronic hypertension

    dom and nifedipine and chronic hypertension

    I'm a chronic hypertensive on nifedical xl 60 who is thinking about starting domperidone. is there any drug-drug interaction between nifedipine and domperidone? Also is there any contraindication to taking domperidone with hypertension?

    what is an appropriate dose? my physician suggested dom 20 mg qid but as a busy physician about to go back to work full time, i'm not sure how realistic it will be to take a qid/q6 hour drug.

    thank you!!

  • admin

    As far as I know, there are no drug-drug interactions between nifedipine and domperidone. I do not know of any contraindication of taking domperidone in hypertension. The one thing the doctor needs to know is that at high doses 100 + mg per day, this drug may increase the QT interval and produce arrhythmias in some rare patients.

    If you have any cardiac arrhythmias, don't use it.

    I's suggest you start with 10 mg three times daily, and go up to 20 mg TID if necessary.

    Tom Hale Ph.D.

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