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Domperidone and premature infant with heart murmur

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  • Domperidone and premature infant with heart murmur

    I was prescribed 20mg of domeperidone 3-4 times a day to help increase my milk supply. My son was born at 27 weeks, 6 days weighing 2 lbs 7 oz. He has a VSD and a PDA (both are very small, and are being looked at again in 6 months.) He is now 3 months old, and weighs over 7 lbs, and is not being treated for anything. The pharmacist was concerned about the drug causing an arrhythmia due to his murmurs? I've asked lactation, my OB, and pediatrician and none of them have data to look at, as this drug is not FDA approved in the USA. Any information you have in regards to this topic would be much appreciated! I would really like to start taking the medication before my milk supply suffers more...


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    While it is true that in some individuals and at high doses, domperidone may induce Q-T interval changes, this is very unlikely in a breastfed infant as the levels of this drug in milk is minuscule to begin with, and only about 14% of it is absorbed orally anyway.

    Since from you message these "are mumurs" and not electrophysiological alterations, such as arrhythmias, etc, I doubt your infant is at risk. But this is a question for your pediatrician.

    By the way, there are dozens and dozens of drugs on the American market that produce prolonged QT interval changes.

    Tom Hale Ph.d.
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