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Fenugreek use in pregnancy

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    I do not think it advisable to use Fenugreek during pregnancy. What this mother is experiencing is absolutely normal. As her pregnancy continues, her levels of estrogen, progestins and other hormones rise. One function of this is to shut off breastfeeding. This is probably a biological function to conserve energy for the fetus, but also to reduce exposure of the uterus to oxytocin and prevent premature birth.

    There is no way around this, and it happens in all mothers who continue to breastfeed while pregnant.

    I would strongly urge she NOT use Fenugreek in this situation.

    Tom Hale PH.D.

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  • cabocathy
    started a topic Fenugreek use in pregnancy

    Fenugreek use in pregnancy

    Is there any risk in using Fenugreek during pregnancy. The mother has experienced a drop in milk supply. Is 6 weeks pregnant. Toddler is 15 months.
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