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Prolactin levels and domperidone

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  • Prolactin levels and domperidone

    1. What would be the threshold of basal prolactin level (lower than ....) that you would consider an indication for domperidone?
    2. For a mother with history of high prolactin level (not worked up), but who is now taking domperidone (initial low prolactin levels), what would be the basal prolactin level considered as too high (i.e. indicating a 'iatrogenic' prolactinoma)? Or it never happens?

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    1. Most cases of hypoprolactinemia that I've encountered in breastfeeding mothers has been in the 10-20 ng/mL range. Certainly this is an indication for domperidone or metoclopramide.

    2. In a mother with high initial prolactin levels and poor milk supply, she may be suffering from macroprolactinemia, in which the prolactin molecule is the wrong kind. I have a clinical trial underway and would like to have this patient entered into our trial if she fits. Again, she must have high prolactin levels and a poor milk supply. Check this link for the study:

    3. Basically, if prolactin levels are above 70 ng/mL, the mother should be able to make sufficient milk. Its when they drop below this that problems ensue.


    Tom Hale Ph.D.


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      This clinical trial is really exciting: I've been wondering about these mothers who have poor milk supply and high initial prolactin levels. But as we are in the UAE, I don't think we could enter some of our patients in your study.