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Fenugreek and PCOS/insulin resistance

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  • Fenugreek and PCOS/insulin resistance

    I was told that fenugreek can elevate insulin, therefore further affecting low milk supply sufferers with PCOS and insulin resistance. Please explain any info you have on this subject. Thanks

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    Marimo: There are suggestions in the literature that fenugreek may help glycemic control, but the dose is quite high and the response seems minimal. Due to its minimal effect, it would not be suitable to help control blood glucose in a real diabetic patient. It is not known how it does this. "Elevating insulin" may not be true at all, as it might increase activation of the glucose receptor. Or, it may work some other way.

    For more information, I'd suggest you consult the "Natural Medicines" database at a local medical school library.

    Tom Hale Ph.D.