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Safety of Domperidone while pregnant or weaning recommendation

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  • Safety of Domperidone while pregnant or weaning recommendation

    Hi, can Dr. Hale please let me know if it is safe to continue taking Domperidone for low milk supply while newly pregnant and nursing an older baby? If it is no longer safe to continue the drug, what is the safest way to wean? Should one stop immediately due to risks for the unborn baby or should one slowly wean to reduce the chances of withdrawal. If slowly weaning is the recommendation, how is that done.


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    We believe that it is best to quickly discontinue the use of domperidone while pregnant. While there is no evidence it causes birth defects, it's simply not wise to continue using it while pregnant. We'd suggest you drop the dose over about 3 weeks and get off this med. The state of pregnancy normally causes the reduction of breastmilk production so that energy can be forwarded to the fetus. Therefore, slowly discontinue the drug and enjoy your pregnancy.

    Tom Hale Ph.D.


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