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Domperidone and Keppra

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  • Domperidone and Keppra

    My son is currently taking Keppra (he will be weaned off in a few weeks). I have been taking 10mg of Domperidone 3x daily, but am thinking about increasing to 30mg 3x daily. I have discussed Domperidone with the Neurologist, but they aren't very familiar with the drug so I am wondering if you have more research on the matter? My son has HIE and had seizures at birth, but has not had a seizure in over 3 months.

    Also on a side note... I tried calling the hotline number several times, but it just rings and rings.

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    Sorry for the rings and rings. We are overwhelmed with calls and simply can't help everyone.

    I would not recommend you go up on the dose. Thus far the studies suggest that 60 mg per day is more than sufficient to support lactation, and that prolactin levels are no higher. Now I know you will probably read somewhere that higher doses work, but there is no evidence to support this.

    The major complication in breastfeeding mothers from higher doses of domperidone is a potential for heart arrhythmias, and these appear to be dose related. That is, the higher the dose, the greater the risk. I believe that the dose you are using is more than sufficient to maintain high prolactin levels.

    I would not increase your dose.

    Tom Hale Ph.D.


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      Dr. Hale,

      Thank you so much for your quick reply. No problem about the phone calls... I just wasn't sure if you knew so I wanted to mention it.

      Just to clarify... you mentioned that 60mg per day should be enough. I am only taking 30mg, but want to increase to 60mg. So do you think this is ok?

      Thanks so much!


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        60 mg might help a bit, don't know for sure. Good luck.

        Tom Hale PH.d.