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length of dom use before tapering

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  • length of dom use before tapering

    I have a mom who has seen a significant increase in supply after going to 15mg TID of Domperidone. She has h/o PCOS and Lupus, but has done well with metformin (now at 2gm/day). Our question is, how long should we maintain this dose before beginning to try tapering, or could we perhaps go on up to 20mg TID as we still need one formula feed at present? That would still be only 60mg/d (or would 15mg QID be better?) Thanks!
    Kay McKee, IBCLC, RLC

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    Kay: I'd stick with the 15 mg TID for at least several weeks. At that point you might try going to 20 mg TID, but I doubt it will work.

    I'd suggest you keep her at these levels for at least a month before trying a slow 3 week taper off the drug.

    Tom Hale Ph.D.