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Goats Rue and Domperidone after BCancer

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  • Goats Rue and Domperidone after BCancer

    Dear Dr. Hale,

    I am struggling with milk supply at 8 weeks postpartum and am considering a supplement with Goats Rue and also Domperidone. However I also have a history of breast cancer 5 years ago--one breast treated with lumpectomy, chemo and radiation) --triple negative cancer stage 1A. What does the research show about the safety of the goats rue and also Domperidone, in particular as related to cancer? I believe I saw something online regarding a domepridome rat study.

    Thank you

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    My advice would be to pump or breastfeed, wait 2 hours, and draw a blood sample for PROLACTIN.

    If prolactin levels are low (15-50 ng/mL), then your milk production problem is likely hypoprolactinemia and Domperidone would likely be beneficial. If it is higher than 50 ng/ml, say >100 ng/mL then do not use Domperidone as it is a waste of time and your low production of milk is due to some other reason.

    I can't advise you on Goats rue, its an herbal of questionable efficacy.

    Tom Hale Ph.D.