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    I have a 2 yr 3m old that I am breastfeeding 3-5 times per day. I am a type 2 diabetic , but have always chosen to be on insulin since I have been pregnant or bfing for the past 9 years.
    Now the insulin is starting to bother me and I would like to explore my options without compromising the health of my little one.
    Is there anything out there? I would imagine the warnings about a lot of the meds are directed towards breastfeeding infants, not 2 year olds, but don't know what the risks are.
    Thank you for your expertise, I very much appreciate it!

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    You really need to ask you physician about the best options for you. At 2+ years, little of anything is going to reach your infant due to your lower milk supply, and the child is much better at metabolizing and ridding themselves of small amounts of drugs.

    Metformin might be a good choice, as its milk levels have been studied and they are low.

    Tom Hale PH.D.