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Ketones in breastmilk

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  • Ketones in breastmilk

    Hi there,

    I have had an enquiry from a Mum who has been following a low-carb diet while pregnant and would like to continue to do so whilst BFing. She is not suffering with diabetes as far as I know, however her routine antenatal urine samples demonstrate ketones sometimes.

    I have previously had access to a piece by Dr Hale called "Are ketones in breastmilk a problem?" which no longer seems to exist on the internet!

    Any thoughts? Can't find anything concrete but then I don't know how they would pass into the milk... My bigger issue would be extreme weightloss because the toxins stored in body fats are released into the bloodstream, but that's not what the mum-to-be (36 weeks) is asking me about.

    Many thanks, Shel

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    Ketones are sometimes noted in the urine of heavy runners, and they may transfer into human milk. This may taint the taste of the milk and infants may not like it. I don't think the low carb diet would be hazardous to the infant, as long as the mom gets enough nutrition which can support the infants growth. The breast makes most all the proteins it needs directly in the lactocyte itself. In addition, the main carbohydrate in milk is lactose, which is likewise created in the lactocyte.

    So I doubt that her odd diet would affect the infants growth. But its certainly something she'd want to watch. If she looses excessive weight, the milk might suffer as well.

    Tom Hale Ph.D.