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Vyvanse 60 mg and pumping for 6 month old

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  • Vyvanse 60 mg and pumping for 6 month old

    Hello, I am trying to decide if it's time to stop pumping so I can go back to the meds I took pre-pregnancy. I was under the impression that Vyvanse was a big no when it came to breastfeeding. I've read a few posts and now I'm wondering if I could continue pumping, even while taking Vyvanse. I currently pump 3 or 4 times a day only making 15 ounces daily, the rest is formula. I started the relactation process and was making great progress, but have backed off because I need my medicine more frequently.

    Pre-preganacy I took 60 mg of Vyvanse. Currently taking 15 mg Adderall IR. Once immediately after pumping at 6 am and the other after pumping around 2 pm. But, 15 mg 2x day is not working for me. I've taken Vyvanse three times instead of Adderall in the last few weeks and dumped the milk because I didn't understand the times and half life info.

    Baby has never had any side effects due to the Adderall. I have her 6 month check up next week and would like to talk to her pediatrician about this but don't want her to think I'm crazy. Would it be okay to take 60 off Vyvanse and still pump 3-4 times a day? If so, do I need to dump any? If so, which ones? Thank you so much.