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Adderall 15mg XR and Breastfeeding newborn safety?

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  • Adderall 15mg XR and Breastfeeding newborn safety?


    I am seeking medical advice on breastfeeding and the health safety in newborns-12 mo with taking my prescribed 15mg Adderall XR once a day at 7 am. I am currently 34 wks pregnant and with the support from both my OB and psychiatrist have continued this prescribed dose while pregnant. Baby's health and my pregnancy have both been excellent with no concerns thus far :-)!

    I breastfed our daughter for a full year before being diagnosed wth ADHD, and feel strongly about wanting to do the same for our baby arriving in May. My doctor recommended seeking a lactation consultant for advice as he is not specialized in this area with breastfeeding and ADHD med interaction. He suggested formula feeding to be safe but I would like a second medical opinion.

    What are the health factors I should be aware of for breastfeeding a newborn every 2-3 hours while taking 15mg Adderall XR once a day in the morning? This will greatly help in making an educated decision on nursing. Many thanks in advance!
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    Adderall is rated an L3-limited data-probably compatible. The amount transferred into breast milk is 2.46-7.25% of your dose. If you keep your dose low at 20mg or less a day, and your infant is not symptomatic you can breastfeed. If your infant is symptomatic such as agitation, hyperactivity, insomnia, decreased appetite, not gaining weight, or tremor you could supplement a few bottles during the day to see if symptoms improve.

    Sandra Lovato
    InfantRisk Center