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  • Adhd and anxiety

    I have been off adhd medication for a few years and have since had two children. The untreated condition has gotten so bad that my relationship is falling apart, I'm having a hard time taking care of my children, I have 20+ unfinished projects, and my house is falling apart. I also have extreme anxiety where I manifest horrible situations in my head, to the point I barely leave my home. I have held off treatment because breastfeeding and doing the best thing for my children is my sole goal, but I don't think I can hold off any longer, i can no longer funtion.. I currently breastfeed a 6 month old and a 27 month old. The 6 month old has started solids 3 times a day and nurses approximately every 3 or 4 hours OR drinks from my collection of pumped milk. He is 20lbs. The 27 month old mostly comfort nurses and eats solids and cows milk. He is 37lbs. I have tried SSRI's (paxil) and had to come off because it caused even worse concentration problems and made me disconnected. I have also tried vistaril and it has no effect. I'd like to start treatment back for adhd and anxiety. I ordered Dr. Hales Medications and Mothers Milk 2014 edition and plan on taking it to my doctor. Before I was on adderal for adhd but ritalin looks to be a safer alternative? Also for anxiety I would plan on taking medication as needed and at a low dose. What would you recomend? Xanax, ativan, oxazepam, buspar? My doctor also made mention of welbutrin at one point.
    I plan to show this response to my doctor as well as take in the mothers milk book. Both my OB and my childrens pediatrican recomended talking to you before weaning (which I really don't want to wean)
    Since my children are not exclusively breastfed anymore that means they will get even less of the medication in my milk right?
    What do you recomend for adhd treament? Anxiety treatment?
    Please help me!

    Ps. I have around 1500 ounces of pumped milk

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    You can successfully breastfeed with most of these drugs, including methylphenidate and Adderall. But it is most important that you take something and get healthy again. You condition is not good for your go to a doctor soon and get some treatment for your situation.

    Tom Hale Ph.D.


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      Thanks for the reply. I see my doctor friday. He will be treating me for adhd and anxiety. Just trying to get the safest medication options for each of those.

      Adhd- ritalin or adderal or possibly even wellbutrin
      Anxiety-xanax or ativan or oxazepam or buspar

      I have a copy of your book Medications and mothers milk 2014, but am having a hard time understand what is safest.

      Thanks in advance