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Confused about when to nurse after medication

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  • Confused about when to nurse after medication

    In regards to taking medicine and abstaining from nursing I am confused.
    To clarify I am persribed 20 mg xr and could potentially get by in splitting that into half it is extended release though but I could measure 10 mg xr out if needed.

    I have called in twice
    And downloaded the infant risk app
    I find it all very helpful
    I have also read mommy meds adhd article

    My QUESTION is:
    If the medicine Adderall XR is at its peak in 2.5 hours (as told over the phone)
    Then why wait until 2 hours to nurse. That would be peak time correct?

    My son is 6 months old almost 7 months
    I nurse him every 4 hours at night
    And nurse him when he wakes up 9am
    Then I pump then I take medicine 10 or 20mg XR 930 am

    Then oatmeal or baby fruit/veg breakfast 11am
    Then nurse (I try to wait 3 hours) 12:30pm
    Then when I eat lunch I feed him baby fruit/veg or oatmeal (2T) 330 pm

    Then nurse around 6pm
    And do baby fruit or veggie or baby cereal around 8pm

    Then nurse to sleep.

    He is teething right now (won't take bottle reliably)so nursing often like that.

    I would like to take full dosage of 20mg but am unclear what time to refrain from nursing if 2.5 hours I the peak for Adderall xr.

    When driving it's necessary to take full dose of 20xr

    Please answer here last time I called the infant risk I was told to wait 4 hours. And I am just confused.

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    The problem you are having is the XR formulation is a prolonged release version of the old Adderall. Thus plasma levels and peaks are different for this prolonged-release version.
    The time to maximum concentration in plasma with these preparations is 7 hours. I don't think you'll want to wait to avoid the peak in this situation.

    I'd suggest you go ahead and breastfeed soon after taking the med. I'm not sure trying to avoid the 7 hour peak is worthwhile, but thats something you'll have to work out with your infant.

    Observe for insomnia, excitement, and weight loss, as these are classic symptoms in humans, including infants.

    If you see these, then you might want to add formula half the time and avoid breastfeeding so much...thus reducing the clinical dose transferred to the infant via milk.

    Tom Hale Ph.D.


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      Ok my sorry for late response I titrated down and have been switched to 150 Wellbutrin a day,
      Once a day.

      On the infant risk app it says twice a day most transferred is 1.9.

      And is a lactation risk L3

      But with the history I mentioned above I should be fine on this medicine and breastfeeding just wait two hours to nurse
      Or is it reccomended to pump then give untainted milk then nurse 4 hours later.