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  • Vyvanse questions

    I've read many of the topics on vyvanse and my situation is a little different so I still have some questions . I've recently started taking my 50mg Vyvanse for adhd, in the morning as prescribed and I'm still nursing my 12 month old. She used to be a "free range" nurser, so she was never a big eater. A few drinks here and there, maybe once or twice an hour and a few times of longer feelings but never like when she was younger and exclusively breastfed. She takes a bite or two of solid food and that's it. I've weaned her to only two feedings during the day, once right before I take my my pill, again 5-6 hours later and at bedtime. She also freely nurses at night. It seems like she takes in more milk now with less feedings and that concerns me. Is that feeding 5-6 hours after my med too soon? Would it be better to let her go back to freely nursing because she takes in so little at a time that way? I just don't know what to do and would appreciate any advice. She seems fine, is still sleeping great and eating as normal. I'm working on weaning fully. I'm hoping I don't have to stop the medication but of course will if that's what's best. Thanks!

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    If your infant is doing well, and not symptomatic the way you are feeding now it should not be a problem. Vyvanse has a half-life of 6.8 hours so almost half is out when you feed her. I would just continue as you are.

    Sandra Lovato R.N.
    InfantRisk Center


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      I am currently breastfeeding a three week old baby (exclusively). I was on Adderall prior to getting pregnant but stopped taking it after I found out I was pregnant. I struggled throughout my pregnancy until 36 weeks when I started 100 mg Wellbutrin, which I was also oh prior to pregnancy and still on now. The Wellbutrin has helped but I'm still really struggling. My psych initially prescribed me concerta cause it's considered the safer option regarding stimulants and breastfeeding. However, it gave me anxiety and bad headaches, so he switched me to 30 mg of Vyvanse, which has helped, but I feel I did better on Adderall XR. When comparing Vyvanse, Adderall XR, and Adderall IR, is one considered safer or more compatible w breastfeeding ? Also, what is the dose recommended for these medications while breastfeeding ? It know the lower the better but is there a dose I should try not to exceed ?
      I do try to avoid breastfeeding 3.5 hours after taking the Vyvanse to avoid peek feedings.