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Mydayis 25mg and nursing toddler

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  • Mydayis 25mg and nursing toddler

    I am nursing my 23 month old a few times a day currently (in the morning and before bed/nap time mainly). My dr wants me to start on 25mg of Mydayis for ADHD. I’m not currently taking anything for my ADHD and it is really spiraling out of control and causing lots of problems at work. Would it be ok to take this and continue to nurse just a few times a day? I would nurse before taking it in the morning and then wouldn’t nurse again until 10-12 hours later during the week or 4-5 hours later on weekends. I was planning to begin slowly weaning since we are approaching her second birthday and I’d rather not do that too abruptly because she is not ready to be weaned just yet.
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    Does anyone know?


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      Mydayis is just another name for d-amphetamine and l-amphetamine salts. We have lots of experience with the amphetamines in breastfeeding moms. Levels are not too high.

      At 23 months, I doubt it will bother your infant. If you see loss of appetite, or increased wakefulness, then you need to reduce the dose, or increase drug-free interval after taking med.

      Tom Hale Ph.D