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Breastfeeding 5 month old on Vyvanse 30mg since birth

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  • Breastfeeding 5 month old on Vyvanse 30mg since birth

    Hello! Thanks to this site I have found that it is most likely okay to breastfeed my baby and continue my medication. She is developmentally on track and overall a pretty happy baby! However, as a new, worried mum, I still feel guilty for taking my medicine sometimes and wonder if I have caused her unnecessary harm when I could have easily given her formula instead. I also vape 3mg nicotine. Sometimes she has very slight tremors or trembling in her hands - it stops when I touch her hands and she doesn’t seem like it bothers her. She is in the 90th percentile for weight and she sleeps throughout the night and naps a couple times a day. Sometimes it can be challenging getting her to nap/ sleep - how long does an infant need to be awake for them to be considered to have insomnia ? What are the potential dangers of being exposed to the medication long term if she were symptomatic? I am sure she is probably fine, and I have tried not taking my meds but I am a much better mom on them - and we are told that breastfeeding is best, and I just want to make sure I am doing the right thing. My gut tells me that I am but my mind tries to get the best of me sometimes.

    thanks for your help,
    may you be abundantly blessed

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    Lolas: She sounds somewhat normal, but your best bet is to take her to your pediatrician and have this discussion with he/she.

    Don't stop breastfeeding until you have this discussion with the doctor.

    Tom Hale Ph.D.