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Question about taking adderall sparingly

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  • Question about taking adderall sparingly

    I am exclusively breastfeeding my 13 week old. I am also severely ADHD. I really need to get back on my adderall but I won't give up breastfeeding. I can get by if I take it one day a week so I can pull my self together and get things done. Would It be ok to take one 20mg xr, one day a week? How much would this dose affect the baby?
    What if I took the dose right after a feed and then Bottle fed the baby and then breastfed again, thus putting 6 hours between me taking the pill and him feeding. Would he still get a significant amount of the adderall?
    I'm just so afraid of causing some type of permanent damage by taking the adderall. I love him so much and would never want to harm him in any way, but I also want to be the best mommy I can be for him and the adderall really helps me.

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    Really hoping for an answer as this is so important to me. I also read that adderall xr hits its peak at 2.5 hours after dosing.. Does it Hit another peak since it is extended release or does it gradually drop from that point? How much would baby recieve after waiting 5-6 hours?
    I took a pill the other day for the first time while breastfeeding. I took a pill, then I held him over with his cereal and waited about 4.5 hours before feeding him, I then fed him again at 7 hours from taking the pill and then he had his normal feedings thereafter.
    He showed no outward effects.. He slept, ate and acted completely normal.. Although I stayed up the entire night paranoid watching his every breath.. and feeling like an awful mommy..
    I'm not sure what I'm going to do.. Like I said I would love to take my medication once a week.. Maybe just give him a bottle and wait 6 hours to feed him, hopefully minimizing his exposure.. I just need a professional opinion.
    Also something else I have wanted to know.. Do I need to pump and dump my milk during that time to get rid of the adderall or just not feed him? Thanks so much
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      Go to this link in DailyMed from the FDA. It has a perfect picture of the plasma levels attained by Adderall XR. Your plasma level peaks at 7 hours and slowly falls to 24 hours. Your best bet is to take the medicine and feed before 5 hours and then after 12 hours.

      But I'd just watch your infant. If you don't see excitement, insomnia, or lack of appetite, he'll probably do Ok without worrying about time periods. Remember, only about 2-7% of your dose actually gets to the infant.

      Tom Hale Ph.D.


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