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Breastfeeding on Clozapine and Olanzapine

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  • Breastfeeding on Clozapine and Olanzapine

    I am an IBCLC who was just contacted by an OB about a patient who is 29 weeks pregnant, currently on 200 mg Clozapine and 10mg Olanzapine QD. Her doctor has advised her to not breastfeed. What are your recommendations? Are there any better alternatives. Thank you very much for your reply!

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    Levels of Clozapine in breastmilk are relatively low, about 1.4% of dose. Olanzapine transfers at about 2.2% of the dose. But aside from the drugs which are probably not a problem, you must consider how well this mom is doing, and is she able to breastfeed with this mental disorder. The physician may be looking at a mom that is out of control and may not can handle breastfeeding and infant.

    Tom Hale Ph.d.