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Breastfeeding and Tenex/Intuniv

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  • Breastfeeding and Tenex/Intuniv

    I am currently taking 200 mg lamictal for bipolar ii, but I am going to be decreasing my dosage and my doctor mentioned possibly adding Intuniv. I couldn't find anything on taking this while breastfeeding. Is there any information on this medicine and it's transfer amount?

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    Intuniv is rated an L2-no data-probably compatible. [COLOR=#333333][FONT=lucida grande]Human studies on the transfer of this product into human milk are lacking. Because this product has a low molecular weight, a high volume of distribution, and penetrates the CNS at high levels, it is likely to penetrate milk at significant levels. Caution is urged. If you decide to take this medication and breastfeed, especially if your infant is young you may want to try half formula and half breast milk in the beginning to see how your infant tolerates it, if your infant is not symptomatic may slowly increase breastfeeding, but if infant is symptomatic you may need to decrease breastfeeding or stop. Monitor your infant closely for sedation, weakness, lethargy, hypotension. Be sure and discuss with your pediatrician.

    I hope this helps.

    Sandra Lovato R.N.
    InfantRisk Center