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Seroquel and lamotrigine

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  • Seroquel and lamotrigine

    My psychiatrist just prescribed me seroquel rx 150 mg two hours befOre I sleep and 1st week in am lamotrigine 80 mg in am once daily week two twice in am week three 3 times in am and week 4 four times in am. My son just turned 12 months on June 8th 2012 I have gone entire pregnancy and nursing him free of medication but I really need to start these again so I dont suffer anymore manic sleepless behaviors. But I wasn't planing on weening him yet because he doesn't take passifiers. I was going to nurse till about 15 months. His pediatrician doesn't know enough about medication to tell me if it's safe. My son only nurses around 2 to maybe 3 times a day. He is also allergic to cows milk... So another reason why I havnt weened him to cows milk. I'd like to continue some nursing but also want to start up my medication again. Please help!!

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    In your situation with a baby of 12 months and only nursing 2-3 times daily, I doubt that there is any risk at all to the infant as your milk volume is probably quite low, hence the dose of these drugs transferred is low as well.

    Tom Hale Ph.D.


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      Seroquel with 31 week old baby

      Mother was prescribed 400 mg Seroquel/day and wishes to know the safety of her breastmilk for her premature baby. Baby is in NICU, milk is being collected and stored.


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        Seroquel (QUETIAPINE) is actually a good choice for breastfeeding mothers. Less than 0.1% of moms dose gets to the infant. Since this infant is in NICU, it may be a good choice and good time to start therapy so the infant can be closely observed. We have lots of data on this drug, check my book.

        Tom Hale Ph.D.


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          Seroquel/17-week old

          Dr. Hale,
          I've just been prescribed Seroquel (1/4 of a tablet) each night and I'm breastfeeding my 4-month old about 5-6 times/day. Luckily, she is sleeping most nights over 10 hours (praying that doesn't change!), so taking it in the evening should actually give it max time to metabolize, but I'm wondering if I should still have her monitored for her levels?

          Thank you


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