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Rexulti and pregnancy / breastfeeding

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  • Rexulti and pregnancy / breastfeeding

    I currently take 200 mg of Lamotragine and 2 mg of Rexulti (Brexpiprazole) for my Bipolar 2. I’m 37 weeks pregnant and will be delivering soon.

    I tried breastfeeding my last baby (When I was on a dose of 400 mg lamotragine and 2 mg Rexulti) but she had a terrible diaper rash that was not healing so I switched her to 100% formula at 1 month. From what I read in these Forums, she may have had an allergy to the lamotragine.

    Does every baby have an allergy to lamotragine? Perhaps this child won’t this time around, and also perhaps because I’m on half the dose?

    Also, is there any research available at all about the effects of Rexulti either in pregnancy or breastfeeding?

    thank you.

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    No, thousands of mothers have breastfed while taking Lamotrigine. While your infant may have had a problem, this is rather unusual and may have had nothing to do with this drug. It is true that Lamotrigine has a remote chance of a serious allergy, but it usually shows up as a "skin" rash. I've only had ONE of these ever reported to me. Although about 8% of adults may develop a skin rash, only 0.08% develop the more serious allergic reaction called Stevens-Johnson syndrome.

    As for Rexulti (BREXPIPRAZOLE) we presently have no data on its transfer into human milk.

    I'd suggest you go ahead and try to breastfeed. Perhaps with your doctors permission, you might try to taper the dose of lamotrigine before delivery or thereafter.

    Tom Hale Ph.D.