Fluanxol/ Flupenthixol


I am currently nursing my three and a half year old baby girl a couple of times per day, mainly in the evening.

I am taking Mirtazipine half a tablet, in the evenings, which I have been on now for almost two weeks.

I need to add in 0.5 mg of Fluanxol/Flupenthixol once daily. In medications and mothers milk it is given an L3 rating I see. Is this safe for my infant if I take it alongside the Mirtazapine ? Or is there a safer choice then Fluanxol/ Flupenthixol??

The Doctor said that she is willing to change it to a safer but similar alternative, for breastfeeding if there is one? I believe this medication is banned in some countries!!!??

And also, can i ask please, what about the side effects of the Fluanxol/ Flupenthixol being higher prolactin serum levels and the fact that I already have very low estrogen levels from breastfeeding and have to use and estrogen cream?

Thanks so much