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Sertindole and Sertraline

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  • Sertindole and Sertraline

    Dear Dr Hale
    A mother who just delivered is prescibed sertindole 16mg once daily and Sertraline 50mg once daily. I have found information that suggests Sertraline is ok in breast feeding, but I haven't found any information regarding sertindole. Are there any studies that you have seen that suggest that sertindole is transferred in the mother'a milk? Should she breast feed?

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    Dear Yomna88

    Sertindole is an atypical anti psychotic used mainly for schizophrenia. Currently this medication is not FDA approved in the US, furthermore we do not have data on this specific product. I would suggest she uses another anti psychotic such as Aripiprazole or Risperidone, which are probably safer alternatives.

    Tassneem Abdel Karim MD
    InfantRisk Center