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abilify, cymbalta, klonopin.

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  • abilify, cymbalta, klonopin.

    my doctor prescribed me 60mg cymbalta, 2mg abilify, and. 5mg klonopin twice daily.

    I'm a nervous wreck about taking this cocktail but don't want to give up nursing as it is a soothing treat for baby and I.

    I have read about each drug individually. combined, are they more dangerous? does L3x 3 mean its still an L3 risk or is the risk greater with the cocktail? I need these meds but I need to breastfeed.

    thank you for reading!

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    These meds are generally considered Ok for a breastfeeding mother. About 1.1% of the Cymbalta gets to the infant, about 1% of Abilify get to the infant, and about 2.8% of klonoplin gets to the infant. These are generally considered low doses. Regardless of these low doses, you'd need to monitor your infant for sedation, poor feeding, difficulty to wake, etc. Have a discussion with your doctor. Perhaps you could start them individually and slowly until you get control. This way, you could easily watch your infant for side effects (which are unlikely).

    Tom Hale Ph.D.


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      I am currently taking .25-.5 mg clonazepam for anxiety and I take it at night. I am breastfeeding 5 1/2 month old and have been taking this medication since he was a little over 3 months. Is there a risk in taking this daily?

      Thank you,



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        There is much less risk of this drug, than there is of untreated, uncontrolled anxiety. I'd relax, use it only when you need it, and enjoy your child. We have no data that shows the use of benzodiazepines has any permanent neurobehavioral effect on an infant, particularly at these low levels.

        Tom Hale Ph.D.


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          Now my baby is 9 months old and I am weaning him- could he have withdrawal? How should I do this?


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            Dear momof2boys

            I would strongly suggest that you slowly decrease breastfeeding in order to minimize any adverse effects on the baby.

            For example, if you are currently breastfeeding six times a day, then you might want to only breastfeed 5 times a day for a few days, then 4 times a day for a few days, and continue this trend for a couple of weeks. As you gradually stop breastfeeding, your milk supply will decrease accordingly.

            Please observe your infant for any behavioral changes during this time (such as irritibility or excessive crying). If you have any concerns regarding your child’s behavior, contact your pediatrician immediately.

            If you have any further questions, please call the InfantRisk Center at 806-352-2519 Mon-Fri 8-5pm (CST).

            Tassneem Abdel Karim MD
            InfantRisk Center


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