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Methyldopa and antenatal expression of colostrum

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    Methyldopa is an L2. The amount transferred into breast milk is very small only 0.1-0.4% of your dose. The colostrum is probably safe to use, monitor your infant for drowsiness, lethargy, weakness, pallor, poor feeding and weight gain.

    Sandra Lovato R.N.
    InfantRisk Center

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  • Andreea
    started a topic Methyldopa and antenatal expression of colostrum

    Methyldopa and antenatal expression of colostrum

    Hello. I am 39 week pregnant and have recently started a treatment with Methyldopa 125 mg every 12 hours. I am also taking a 75 mg daily dose of Aspirin. I have started expressing and storing colostrum. I know that Methyldopa is rated as compatible with breastfeeding by AAP and saw a thread in the forum where dr Hale said is L2 probably safe. Should I take any precautions while expressing colostrum during the treatment with Methyldopa? Is colostrum safe? I will probably give birth to a small for gestational baby. Thank you in advance.