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  • Geebelen Christel
    started a topic Vasexten 10

    Vasexten 10

    I have Medications and Mothers Milk 2012 but can't find any information about VASEXTEN 10 nor about its active compound barnidipine hydrochloride? Can you inform me about the risc for a newborn? Mother takes 1 co 10 mg a day.

  • admin

    Vasexten is not available in the USA, hence not in my book.

    Barnidipine is a long-acting calcium channel blocker. It has a rather high molecular weight and I doubt much would enter the milk compartment, as with most all of the calcium channel blockers.
    Further, only about 3-4% is bioavailable in the human, so 97% of what might be in milk, is NOT absorbed by the infant.

    I'd guess it is probably safe to use in a breastfeeding situation.

    Just observe for weakness and poor feeding. Unlikely, but something to watch for.

    Tom Hale Ph.D.

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