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Labetalol, oxytocin nasal spray, and galactogogues

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    Sounds more like a prolactin problem than oxytocin. I'd suggest you have the mom pump and then at 1 hour pull a blood sample for Prolactin. If low (less than 75) then metoclopramide(Reglan) or domperidone are indicated.

    If high (> 100) then its not prolactin but may be an oxytocin problem. None of these drugs are contraindicated with labetalol.

    The other herbal galactagogues are a waste of time.

    Tom Hale Ph.D.

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  • Betsy
    started a topic Labetalol, oxytocin nasal spray, and galactogogues

    Labetalol, oxytocin nasal spray, and galactogogues

    My client is on labetalol for postpartum hypertension. She has delayed onset of lactation and delayed letdown. We have discussed all the options for helping oneself relax with visualization, watching nice videos etc. Pumping 35-45 minutes to achieve 30-40 mls is very disheartening for her! I mentioned oxytocin nasal spray as an option. I am guessing the two medications go ok together since the nasal spray is localized and intranasal? I just want to be sure. Also, any galactogogues that would be contraindicated specifically with this situation? Cheers, Betsy Hoffmeister, RLC, IBCLC, Seattle, WA.