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Atenolol 25mg nursing toddler

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    Atenolol is known to enter milk and is a risk factor in a newborn and young infant. However, in your case with a 22 month old child, I doubt there is any risk at all. First, the infant is older and much more able to handle and metabolize drugs, and second, the volume of milk your now produce is much lower than postnatally, hence the dose of this drug is lower.

    Just observe for sedation or weakness. I doubt you will see any at all.

    Tom Hale Ph.D.

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  • tabatharose
    started a topic Atenolol 25mg nursing toddler

    Atenolol 25mg nursing toddler

    Hi! My PCP prescribed 25mg of atenolol daily for hypertension. my nursling is 22 months and nurses 1-3x per day (usually for naps and bedtime). Is this medication a risk at this age and frequency of nursing?