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  • Propranolol

    I've been prescribed propranolol to prevent/manage migraines - 60mg 2x/day. Is this compatible with nursing a 12 month old (only once/day at this point)?

    Thank you!

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    Dear Tadpole

    Propranolol is the preferred beta blocker for use in breastfeeding women since levels in milk are minimal. Please use with caution if your baby has asthma. Also observe your infant for sleepiness, and hypotension.

    Long term exposure has not been studied, and caution is urged if you will be using it chronically.

    Since you mentioned you only breastfeed your infant once, then i suggest you take the medication as soon as your done with the feeding, that way you will minimize exposure.

    Tassneem Abdel Karim, MD
    InfantRisk center


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      I'm taking propranolol 10mg twice a day. It's been about a month. My doctor said it was fine to continue breastfeeding but I get mixed reviews on the internet. My baby seems ok. But i just don't like take medications that can go through my breastmilk. But I have to take it due to postpartum thyroiditis. How safe are these pills for nursing mothers?


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        The studies we have seen say that an exclusively breastfeeding infant gets about 1/1000th (0.1%) of the mother's dose through the breastmilk. We believe this is too little to cause problems in babies with no serious underlying health problems. There have not been reports of adverse events in infants exposed to propranolol exclusively via breastfeeding.

        -James Abbey, MD


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          Hi I was on Propanolol 40mg (I found it on about 12 months ago for a mild tremor which was affecting my work- something called essential tremor. I have found it has had a really good effect on my anxiety levels. Just not having all the physical symptoms I was having has improved things dramatically. I feel much more in control. I did find it did affect my sleeping patterns to begin with and I had cold hands and feet but that has settled down. I take 1x 40mg tablet in the morning per day as that is enough for me. I would definitely say that they help with the anxiety.
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