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Vyvanse OR Wellbutrin XL

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  • Vyvanse OR Wellbutrin XL

    I am working with my Dr to try and decide between Wellbutrin XL and Vyvanse to help target my ADD (Inattentive Type) that I have had for many, many years, since elementary school. I am now 32 and I am still breastfeeding my 8 1/2 month old. I would like to know the risks associated with these. I do have a history of anxiety and some bouts of situational depression. I have gotten on Paxil 10mg QAM and 10mg QHS, but it is not even TOUCHING my poor concentration, difficulty completing tasks, forgetfulness, inattention to detail, difficulty reading due to focus and comprehension problems, and HORRIBLE organization. I have taken Wellbutrin XL in the past and I really felt like it did help some with my ADD symptoms. I know you cant advise what medication I should take, but I really want to know which medication would be considered "safe" for me to take and it not affect my baby. I am terrified of starting a medication and it effecting his brain development and ability to focus and concentrate and perform in the future (did I mention that I have struggled with anxiety...LOL) Thank you!!

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    Wellbutrin is just fine for breastfeeding mothers, as along as the infant does not have any seizure disorders. Levels in milk are low. Check my book for details. Vyvanse is probably OK as well as long as the dose is not too high and the infant doesn't have problems with it. I'd suggest Wellbutrin first, then try low doses of Vyvanse and see.

    Tom Hale PH.D.


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      Dr. Hale,

      To jump into this post, is it then possibly safe to take the Wellbutrin and the vyvance/ other stimulant together? I have been taking adderall 10mg twice a day for years, and have recently been prescribed Wellbutrin for depression, 100mg a day. My doc wanted to start low dose to see how I react. I am nursing a barely 3 year old for comfort, at night and upon waking. We are slowly weaning.


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        Hi, thanks for your post.

        That's totally fine. There's no real interaction between those two medications. The general risks of side effects are much lower in a 3yo than an infant.

        For anyone reading this, please post again or call us at the InfantRisk Center, (806)352-2519, if this has not completely answered your question. I would also appreciate you filling out a 2 minute survey about your time on the forum:

        -James Abbey, MD


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          I take 60mg vyvanse and 400mg Wellbutrin for major depression. The vyvanse worked wonders for my depression. The Wellbutrin is okay not great. Together they work to keep me sane.