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Concerns with Stacking Meds

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  • Concerns with Stacking Meds

    Hi Everyone, so happy I found this forum.

    I have a question about my wife's medications while breastfeeding. She is taking medications for bipolar depression. Our 5th baby was born yesterday and the pediatrician came in and straight told us he will not recommend her to breastfeed.

    My wife's medications are:

    Cymbalta (60mg 1x day)
    Lamictal (300mg 1x day) this was 400 during pregnancy...
    Latuda (40mg 1x day)
    Seroquel (25mg 1x day)

    The doctor was extremely concerned of the sedative effect of stacking all these medications together. All of them are L3 or better but he is particularly concerned with the Lamictal because his own research shows it is contraindicated (he mentioned a study that found a 16 day old who had a severe apnea episode from it - I looked this case up and the woman was in 850mg daily...).

    We honestly don't know what to do. My wife really wants to breastfeed as it helps her bond, etc. We could look into dropping the Latuda as she started this during the pregnancy and may no longer need it (she takes the seroquel to help the anxiety side effect of Latuda).

    Can anyone please give me some insight? Has any research been done on stacking these meds?

    She breastfed my older daughter on Lamictal and Cymbalta with no issues. Thanks!
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