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Extended breastfeeding on prozac

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  • Extended breastfeeding on prozac

    I would appreciate some advice. I was on 20 mg of prozac while pregnant and I'm still breastfeeding my son who is now 16 months. I stayed on 20 mg of prozac until he was 5 months , then my doctor increased it to 30 mg which I have been on since July 2014. My son exclusively fed for first 6 months, now he feeds in the morning and nighttime and during the day 3/4 times, about 4 days a week. He feeds a lot for comfort too. I love it and don't want to stop but I find myself worrying that the extended feeding might have built up in his system? He also sleeps poorly at night and I drink about 4 coffees a day- could this be affecting him too? Sorry for throwing in the coffee question on top of the prozac one, just thought maybe it is impacting too. Would like to know the extended feeding has not caused a build up or will impact him negatively, thank you in advance. I'm posting from Ireland so if I need to call please let me know the country code. Regards,

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    I would not worry about the Prozac. The dose he is receiving today is minimal and we have no evidence that it negatively affects a breastfed infant or fetus, longterm.

    As for insomnia in your infant, it sure might be the caffeine, although I doubt he is getting that much from the amount of milk he is getting presently. I'd switch to non-caffeinated coffee, or half caffeinated coffee and do not use in the afternoon. See if this helps the sleep time.

    Tom Hale