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Anxiety attacks breastfeeding toddler

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  • Anxiety attacks breastfeeding toddler

    I'm suffering from severe anxiety attacks regarding GYN appointments and have my annual tomorrow. I called my drs office and the nurse told me there was nothing I could take.
    There must be some anxiety medication that is safe to take.

    My son is 20 months old, around 30lbs.
    He nurses at 7am and 7:30pm (occasionally at 1pm if nap fails) my appointment is at 10:30am

    What can I ask them to prescribe for me

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    Hi, thanks for your post.

    At 20 months, it is unlikely that your baby will get enough of any anti-anxiety medication to cause problems. I would say you are safe to take pretty much anything, especially if you aren't feeding until the evening. If you continue to get pushback from the doctor's office, have them call us at (806)352-2519.

    -James Abbey, MD