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    My daughter is 7 weeks today. In the beginning of my pregnancy I took paxil 10 mg and immediately discontinued use when I found out I was pregnant I made it about a month before my anxiety returned dr. Gave me 10 mg of prozac. I wanted to start with a lower dose so I took only 5mg of prozac throughout my pregnancy. That seemed to do OK until now. I am breastfeeding still at that 5mg level. At my 6 week checkup my dr. Says everything is fine with taking this while breastfeeding. My anxiety is getting the best of me. He said I could go back to paxil 10 mg. I just don't want to expose her to two different medications. Should I continue on the 5mg? I can handle the anxiety or if I decide to cease breastfeeding will she have any withdrawal from the prozac. I am so worried. Just wanted a second opinion. Thank you!

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    We have lots of studies on Paxil in breastfeeding mothers, and it is considered an ideal product for breastfeeding mothers. Only about 1.2% - 2.8% of the mothers dose gets to the infant, and this is not enough to have any clinical effect on the infant or to induce withdrawal symptoms. This drug has such a long half-life, that you can't really avoid the 'peak' too well and I would not suggest you try avoid breastfeeding soon after the dose, it's probably a waste of time with this drug. As for symptoms in your infant, none have yet been reported, but perhaps sleepiness would be a remote possibility.

    Right now, the most important thing you can do for your infant is to get your own health in order. If you are taking care of your anxiety, this will do more for your babies neurobehavioral development than anything else you could do.

    Tom Hale Ph.D.


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