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Anti anxiety and SSRI

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  • Anti anxiety and SSRI

    My baby is almost 12 months old. I’ve been on lexapro for over a decade (clinical depression) but have noticed I’m having anger issues which I think are anxiety related. I’ve gone to my doctor about it but he doesn’t seem knowledgeable about the safety of medications while breastfeeding and didn’t want to put me on anything. I have taken Xanax and Klonopin before but I don’t like those at all. They make me tired but do not take away my anxiety. As a mom of 4, that isn’t acceptable. Is there a long term medication for anxiety that would work well with my lexapro that is also safe for breastfeeding (and pregnancy, we are not trying to prevent pregnancy.) I would like to make an appointment with my doctor and have information at hand so I can get some relief. My kids deserve better than I am giving right now.
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