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Zoloft and Ativan newborn

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  • Zoloft and Ativan newborn

    I have been on 50mg of Zoloft since I was 20 weeks pregnant for depression and anxiety that mostly manifests in insomnia. I was prescribed.5 Ativan as needed (and told I could take up to 1mg a day) but probably only took a total of 2.5mg during my pregnancy. Now my daughter is 6 days old. She is eating well and gaining weight but is not sleeping well at night. My psychiatrist and the OB in the hospital told me both medications are fine to take with breastfeeding. I have taken the Zoloft and .5 Ativan everyday since she has been born but have some concerns. First, could the medications be contributing to her sleeplessness (ie nothing longer than a half hour stretch between 9pm and 1am)? Second, my insomnia is getting worse and I dread these nights of constant waking. It’s getting harder to fall asleep during the little periods of quiet. Would taking .75 or 1mg of Ativan be ok? And how long can I do this daily? I don’t like the idea of being on Ativan for a long time but I also know this is the hardest time with a new baby. Or would it be preferable to take something like unisom? Thank you.

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    JDF: It could be that your infant is actually withdrawing from the antidepressant and Ativan, and that the dose in milk is too low to stop withdrawal. We know that about 30% of infants exposed in utero to Zoloft withdraw after delivery. It only lasts a few days to a week or so.

    I'd suggest you talk with your doctor about this. See if you can get some help at home with the infant. The early postnatal time at home with an infant is difficult to say the least for ALL moms. See if you can get some home support.

    Tom Hale Ph.D.