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  • xanex and zoloft

    Hi, I called the other day to make sure that occasional .25mg xanex use is okay with breastfeeding my 3 month, healthy 14 lb baby. I was taking kolonopin before (occasionally) but the half-life was worrisome and I thought something shorter lasting would be better. I am riddled with worry about this. I definitely don't want to hurt my baby but I am overwhelmed with worry and anger. I have a 3 year old at home and I just simply feel like I don't have the nerves for all of the chaos. I find myself wanting to take the xanex on a daily basis but haven't because of baby. I am also on 50 mg zoloft and have not been able to increase dosage without feeling terrible side effects and more anger, agitation. I try not to breastfeed two hours after taking the .25 mg (sometimes ill take .125) my baby has never seemed symptomatic at all. I am terrified of SIDS and causing her harm. I love breastfeeding so much but I feel like if I can't handle life without this medication then I will have to switch to formula Please advise!

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    Its apparent to me that your antidepressant is not doing its job. Ask you doctor for a change. This happens all the time, one antidepressant won't work and a change to another works great. PLEASE talk with your doctor about this problem.

    Tom Hale Ph.d.