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Citalopram and fluconazole

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  • Citalopram and fluconazole

    I take 20 mg citalopram and was prescribed fluconazole 150 mg for a yeast infection. The pharmacist recommended I half my dose of citalopram while on the fluconazole. I took the fluconazole on Saturday morning, halved the citalopram dose that evening, but forgot to half the dose again the next day in the evening (Sunday). I am breastfeeding my 20-21 month old and did so once this morning (Monday) failing to remember about the fluconazole and not halving the dose of the citalopram. Should I be concerned or is there something I should watch for in her?

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    There is a major drug-drug interaction between fluconazole and citalopram. Levels of serotonin (from citalopram use) may be elevated, so your pharmacists advise is correct that you should probably lower your citalopram dose IF you choose to use these two drugs.

    As for breastfeeding the infant in the case your have described, I really doubt you should be concerned at all. Just reduce your citalopram dose, or ask you doctor about continuing the fluconazole.

    Tom Hale Ph.D.


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      Thank you. I discussed with the pharmacist my oops in taking the full dose of citalopram 36 hours after the dose of fluconazole. The fluconazole is a one dose prescription thankfully. Concentration peaks 1-2 hours after taking and then has a half life of 30 hours. Without symptoms he feels it should be fine, but to half the next citalopram dose again. My major concern was my little one, and what might get to her through my breastmilk. Thank you for the reassurance.

      Take care,