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Zoloft and Aspirin

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  • Zoloft and Aspirin

    I am currently taking Zoloft 50mg and Aspirin 81mg daily. I have seen previous research on both Zoloft and Aspirin and how the medications are found in minuscule amounts in breastmilk rendering both safe independently of one another. My concern is that there is a potential reaction between the two if both are taken on a daily basis. They have a synergistic effect on one another which may increase bleeding due to Zoloft inhibiting serotonin uptake by the platelets. Does this interaction only affect the mother or can the effects be transferred to the baby through breast milk? I'm currently taking Zoloft for anxiety and would like to take aspirin due to history of Afib with palpitations which increased when anxiety increased. Thanks!

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    Is there any research for the two medications?


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      We've just published levels of Aspirin in milk, and it is undetectable in human milk. It's completely taken up by the liver and none of it ever reaches the breast.

      As for Zoloft, yes somewhat less than 2% of the dose gets into milk, and in most cases, it is undetectable in the infant.

      I would not worry about this mixture of these two drugs.

      Tom Hale Ph.d.