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Wellbutrin and ?? Need something else

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  • Wellbutrin and ?? Need something else

    I'm currently taking Wellbutrin Sr 150mg, two daily but I'm needing something else to help with anxiety. Here lately it's been so bad it's causing me to have anxiety attacks at work. We've tried doing Lexapro and celexa but both caused me to be a zombie, which does well with 2 small kids. I don't want to stop breastfeeding my daughter, she's only 4 months, but I need something to add to the wellbutrin. I have major depression, sever anxiety, social anxiety and boarderline bipolar.

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    Our job here is to advise as to safety in breastfeeding. In your case, you really need to have this discussion with your physician. Talk with your physician about Zoloft or Prozac, both are good for anxiety attacks and are safe for breastfeeding infants. Ativan is another short-term solution, that is relatively safe for breastfeeding mothers.

    Go see your doctor.

    Tom Hale Ph.D.


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