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Zoloft Breastfeeding Frequency

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  • Zoloft Breastfeeding Frequency

    Since Zoloft is level in the mother's blood, can she nurse her baby on demand? The more milk given to baby, doesn't mean the more medication the baby will receive?

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    Honeybear: Yes, the more the mother breastfeeds, the more drug the infant gets. But when we estimate the amount received over a 24 hour period, the level of transfer of Zoloft is still exceedingly low. So low in fact that we can't find it in the infant's plasma in most cases.

    The risk of this antidepressant to an infant is infinitesimally low, whereas the risk of UNTREATED depression in the mom is highly risky to the infant's development.

    Rest assured, treating your depression is the best thing for your infant. A healthy mom makes a healthy baby. Stay on the Zoloft.

    Tom Hale PH.D.


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      The Zoloft is for Anxiety and OCD. Are the risks of untreated Anxiey and OCD just as harmful as depression on the baby's development? I suppose untreated they could lead to depression?


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