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Plavix and breastfeeding

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  • Plavix and breastfeeding

    Hi, I have been started on both plavix 75mg and aspirin 81mg daily for stroke risk reduction because I was found to have a vertebral artery dissection. My breastfeeding infant is 3 months old. He has Down syndrome, so REALLY needs to breastfeed for the oral motor development as well as all the other benefits of breastmilk. Advice is appreciated

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    Sorry, but we don't have any data on Plavix. Unfortunately, it has several active metabolites and we've been unable to study it.

    We have found levels of Rivaroxiban (Xarelto ) to be quite low and have published this data. Studies have found it to work as well in stroke patients. You'd have to ask you physician if it would work similarly.

    Aspirin is fine, we published this last year and none gets into milk.

    Tom Hale Ph.D.


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