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Ektomun for Melanoma

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  • Ektomun for Melanoma

    I have been prescribed a 3-week course of Ektomun to be administered by IV twice a week. I am currently nursing a 4-month old and have been told to discontinue breastfeeding, however this is proving difficult at such short notice. What are the risks to my child here? Thank you.

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    Ektomum is a large molecular weight IgG-like antibody. While we do not have any data on this specific product and its transfer into human milk, I doubt that much if any will transfer into human milk at 4 months postpartum. We have a number of studies will other somewhat similar products(infliximab, etanercept), and their levels in milk are exceedingly low. Even if it were to enter milk, the enzymes in the GI tract to rapidly denature this product and simply digest it. I doubt it would have any clinical effect on an infant.

    Again, it is only supposition on my part. We have milk levels of other IgG products (but not this one), and they are exceedingly low.

    Good luck.

    Tom Hale Ph.d.