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Her/2 cancer and breastfeeding

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  • Her/2 cancer and breastfeeding

    I am breast cancer and my son was born ten days ago. During I was pregnant I had 5 cycles of antracyclines and actualy I have to do two more cycles of taxotere, trastuzumab and carboplatine ( each three weeks). I finished in six weeks. How long I have to wait to breastfeeding my son? I am writing from spain so it's easier to write you than phone you.
    I contact to Rosa Sorribas who tell me abaut the Donotsia Conference in June but I'd like to contact you before if it's possible.Thank you very much.

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    Dear Esther,

    For taxotere, it is recommended to wait 5 days after last dose to restart breastfeeding. For trastuzumab, waiting three weeks is probably sufficient. Carboplatin stays in breastmilk for quite some time. Levels are still detectable in milk after 13 days, so a longer period is probably safer. Dr. Hale suggests 21 days. I hope this information is helpful and that your treatments are going well.

    Cindy Pride, MSN, CPNP
    TTUHSC InfantRisk Center