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Methotrexate IM and Breastfeeding

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  • Methotrexate IM and Breastfeeding

    i just had my 3rd baby 10weeks ago. I had a c- section due to placenta Pacreta and there was some retained placenta tissue left around my bladder. it was discovered about 3 weeks ago and the doc decided to give me methotrexate IM to kill the tissue because they said surgery was very risky due to limited medical technology available here in nigeria.
    i was given 4 shots of 50mg. thats a total of 200mg in a week. my baby has been exclusively breastfed before i started taking the shots. the 1st shot was on 23/aug /2017 and the last shot was on 29/aug/2017. today is 9 days from my last shot. i want to know if its safe to resume breastfeeding, i have been pumping and dumping.
    thanks. Aisha.y

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    Yes, it's safe to return to breastfeeding 9 days after the last dose. It is good that you discontinued during the therapy, as this is a nasty drug for infants.

    Tom Hale Ph.D.